Tu Hovein Main Hovan

July 10th, 2023 solar moviesT

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Tu Hovein Main Hovan (2023)

While one couple is falling in love, on the other hand another couple are on the verge of their divorce. Will their journey make their bond stronger? While Sukhi and Tania are madly in love and want to get married, Garry and Kelly are married with kids. As working parents they try to juggle their domestic responsibilities and working career but the day-today grind takes a toll and they decide to separate. As Garry and Kelly contemplate separating, their kids try various tricks to make them fall in love again. Looking at Garry and Kelly's situation, Sukhi and Tania have second thoughts about getting married themselves. Will Garry and Kelly divorce each other? Will Sukhi and Tania finally get married?

IMDb Rating 9.1/10 stars from 77 users. Reviews: 1226


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